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Organisation admin

Someone who manages the VeraId setup for an organisation (like

  • Provision DNSSEC and VeraId server.
  • Rotate asymmetric key (i.e., simply update DNS).
  • Onboard member.
  • Offboard member.

Organisation member

A member can be either a user or a bot. Users have unique names under the organisation (like alice.smith of Bots, on the other hand, don’t have names because they’re meant to act on behalf of the organisation – but organisation admins can still assign them names privately for internal organisation purposes.

  • Provision certificate for use in a given service.
  • Deprovision/revoke certificate.

Signature producer

A developer building software that produces VeraId signatures.

  • Import certificate using VeraId library.
  • Periodically renew certificate using VeraId library.
  • Produce signatures using VeraId library.

Signature verifier

A developer building software that verifies VeraId signatures.

  • Implement verification of contents with VeraId library.

Verification consumer

An end user of an app that verifies VeraId signatures.

No human intervention needed.

Service author

An individual or team that defines the parameters to be honoured by signature producers and verifiers. Parameters include: OID of the service and maximum TTL of digital signatures (from DNSSEC answer).